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Get connected with the fellow digitizers!

IF you are new to the camera scanning OR if you know a great deal about camera scanning and related technologies AND you are NOT allergic to the social media THEN I suggest you join these few private, highly technical Facebook groups: Digital Film Scan Tools @ Digitizing film with a digital camera @ VALOI Camera Scanning @ pixl-latr - user group @ Negative Lab Pro Users @ Wiki Scan-o-Rama (work in progress) @

New Year Sale is On

Vlads Test Targets of all flavors are on sale now - see the drop-down above or shop at  .  Type 120 targets are now available as Negatives and Positives. The strip has 6x9 and 6x7 frames. (Images below are of the previous version 6x9 and 6x6, but other than that there are no differences.) Negative Type 120 Target Negative target in VALOI 360 holder Positive type 120 targets Positive target in VALOI 360 holder Sale may end as soon as my current inventory on hand is exhausted.