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How good 35 mm test target actually is?

 I have been passed the question from the customer called Mark who provided the following feedback:  The 35mm targets I bought are good value, but aren’t as sharp as I’d hoped for. They are only just good enough to show the limits of my 16MP MFT sensor with 45mm Leica lens, but wouldn’t be good enough to explore the limits of the best full frame cameras and lenses. I’d probably need to buy a chrome on glass target for that, but that would be much more expensive. --Mark  I am actually happy to jump in and argue that my targets are indeed can help folks with the scanning setups of  decent resolution. For starters, let's look how 42 MP  (7952x5304) Sony camera resolves the test target. Chart 1.  Click on the image to see full resolution image open in the new browser tab. Now, let's take a closer look at the small chart in the upper right quadrant of the frame. Chart 2.  Click on the image to see full resolution image open in the new browser tab. Before switching to full re

Urgent Message from Vlad

Hello all, fellow digitizers! I am sorry if this message disturbs your otherwise perfect, worry-free state of mind. If this is the case I apologize and it will be perfectly fine if you scroll this post down.  Picture credit : Vladymyr Bysov For those who agrees to read further,  I say - Ukraine needs help. It needs help right now as it is under attack which soon will be at the scale not seen since the World War II. My native city of Kharkiv - often referred to in the press as the second largest city in Ukraine - is under unprovoked, absolutely brutal attack. Above is the picture of my city taken at a better time by my good friend and outstanding photographer and researcher of Kharkiv history Vladymyr Bysov.  What I am asking everyone of you is to make a donation to the charity of your choosing or to Ukrainian Armed Forces. Whether your money will go toward humanitarian purposes helping displaced families, or  the