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Where RAW files come from...

  I am working on the article which describes my approach to film scanning where such questions as "what should be the white balance while film scanning" are dismissed as non-sensical. While I am polishing my article, I recommend your read this one as the very good introduction to my coming piece.

Scan-tastic! Fine-tuning Your Flatbed Scanner for Film with Vlads Test Target

Hey there, film-scanning fanatics! If you're using a flatbed scanner to digitize your old rolls, listen up. Did you know that placing the film at the right distance from the glass surface of the scanner bed can make a big difference in image quality? It's true! And if you want to fine-tune your Epson scanner for film scanning, there's a very nice video out there that shows you how to do it. And don't worry, it involves Vlads Test Target - the gold standard in film-scanning geekery. So grab your popcorn and get ready for a wild ride! Good luck scanning, and remember: keep your distance!