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Short 55 seconds video of live-action

See Vlads Test Target in action in this short video.  The video was taken from the back of Canon EOS R with a video camera.  The irony is that focus peaking does not work if an external monitor or a capture device is connected to the camera, so I had to resort to shooting the video the old way ;-). Click on picture above to play the video - will open in a new window. Sorry, if you allergic to Facebook, but for pure business reasons I host video off Facebook. And here is the link just in case:  Live-action video. Staring Vlads Test Target and Focus Peaking

New 4x5 Test Targets are available now!

  New 4x5 targets have arrived!  This is how new 4x5 target fit Pixl-latr holder This is how new 4x5 target fit Pixl-latr holder Here is some features incorporated into the design per folks' suggestions. 1. The targets feature thin grid with grid lines distanced exactly at 10 mm throughout the image. That allows to track any distortions and make actual measurements on the film. 2. Grey border goes around the edge, this is thin raster which should help with analysis of uniformity of back light. Ideally you should be able to cut out piece of that band in PS and then move it around without observing any differences in raster features( dot size, distance, brightness between raster dots).  3. There are numbers supplied across the board to help with the assembling and stitching the image.  4. Siemens stars and USAF 1951 patterns are mostly supplied to help keep focus in check. The stars and patterns are very slightly misaligned - again to help with the stitching in post processin

Type 120 Availability and 4x5 teaser

 New technology Universal Type 120 targets  are being restocked and temporarily (till approximately  Feb 16) are NOT available . Hope that new 4x5 targets will become available as well.