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In this innovative offering, the ten USAF 1951 test patterns are strategically placed throughout the 24x36mm film frame - one in the center, and the others scattered across sides and corners. This unique arrangement facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of the sharpness and focus across an entire negative or transparency/slide in one shot. 
Photographers can now accurately evaluate the performance of their lenses and camera systems across the whole frame. This is particularly advantageous for detecting any discrepancies or weaknesses in image quality, which might typically go unnoticed with conventional  single-pattern USAF 1951 target needing to be moved in camera field of view.

The latest test target design is now available

Clean, nice, sharp corners make or break the great scanned image
Welcome to www.film4ever.digital - the home of  USAF 1951 Resolution Chart on real 35 mm and 120 film aka Vlads Test Target!

New 35 mm targets with extra Siemens stars (2021)

Ten high resolution targets allows to review, compare and fine-tune your scanning device all at once - be it a digital camera or a film scanner. The technique - developed by US Air Force for spy planes - allows to quantify the lens/film resolution and provides easy means for easy comparison between the lenses. We - film digitizing community - use this technology to optimize our film scanning rigs.

*) Resolution shown is applicable to 35 mm Vlads Test Target only 

Actual microphotograph of the Resolution chart area on film taken with the optical microscope at magnification x200.  Numbers show actual resolution in line pairs per mm (lp/mm). One can conclude that Vlads Test Target native resolution is around 87-98 lp/mm. For comparison, very good macro lens on 42 MP full frame sensor resolves something close to 70 lp/mm. 

What makes this offering unique?  The placement of ten (!) USAF 1951 test patterns across the single 24x36 mm photo frame on the famous Adox CMS II Pro 35 mm film provides tremendous help when one needs to compare sharpness and lens focus in the center, the sides and the corners of a negative or a transparency/slide to be scanned. Other offerings from Edmund Optics or SilverFast not only many times more expensive - they provide you with just the single pattern located in the center of the frame. To check for off-center sharpness your precious target has to be physically shifted to the frames' sides or corners with almost no chance of maintaining same focus. Vlads Test Target has all the test patterns where you need them - without moving the film in the scanning device. 

Update: The latest edition to your toolset is the Vlads Test Target on Agfa Copex 120 film. This new target has been designed specifically to achieve the perfect alignment between film plane and camera sensor. Siemens stars have been strategically placed around the frame and they are very effective in showing whether the focus has been achieved. Once all the stars come into the focus simultaneously (that may require camera or holder orientation fine-tuning) the focus across frame is guaranteed (certainly the true fixed-focus macro lens is required for the best results). 

Type 120 Universal Target for 6x6 and 6x9 (2021)

Classic Type 120 targets 6x6 (2020)

The supporting files can be found here Film4ever Google Drive Folder

Price and shipping cost:

Use PayPal button above to complete your fast order for 35 mm or 120 film target. Make sure that your name and postal address with the PayPal are up-to-date - otherwise we will not be able to ship your test targets.
Note for the international buyers: free shipping with no tracking info [marked as *) in the form above] is available for buyers in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Western Europe only.  If the shipping destination is anywhere else, paid-for-tracking is required - unfortunately untracked packages from USA get lost in the mail very often :-( . You order will be cancelled and funds refunded if free untracked shipping is requested to anywhere but the regions listed above. Select price option **) for shipping with tracking anywhere in the world, but USA. 

For USA buyers wanting to have package tracked,  the option marked ***) is available  - for mere $3.50 extra, the package will be shipped with the tracking info via USPS First Class Parcel Service.

To order multiple items including mounted transparencies use my shop at  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SilverKnits

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