New 4x5 Test Targets are available now!

 New 4x5 targets have arrived! 

This is how new 4x5 target fit Pixl-latr holder

This is how new 4x5 target fit Pixl-latr holder

Here is some features incorporated into the design per folks' suggestions.

1. The targets feature thin grid with grid lines distanced exactly at 10 mm throughout the image. That allows to track any distortions and make actual measurements on the film.
2. Grey border goes around the edge, this is thin raster which should help with analysis of uniformity of back light. Ideally you should be able to cut out piece of that band in PS and then move it around without observing any differences in raster features( dot size, distance, brightness between raster dots). 
3. There are numbers supplied across the board to help with the assembling and stitching the image. 
4. Siemens stars and USAF 1951 patterns are mostly supplied to help keep focus in check. The stars and patterns are very slightly misaligned - again to help with the stitching in post processing.
5. The way targets are produced (without use of any optics)  guarantees high uniformity of the image from the edge to edge.  
6. Negative and positive targets are available. Negatives are handy for manual focusing but may be prune to halo effect because of very high contrast, positives are more friendly to the sensor, as sensor adjusts exposures to render the transparency as 18% grey. 
7. Targets are provided in the sheets slightly larger than strict 4x5 to allow easier handling in different rigs. X-Acto knife  and a ruler are all what is required if one need to adjust the target size. Targets can be cut to size if requested. 
8. The photo film is naturally flat, extremely fine-grained and  free of curling and is easy to handle. 
        9. Larger targets can be produced if desired.


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