Making 35 mm Transparencies with E.Leitz

This is how 35 mm transparencies were mounted 60 years ago. Actual vintage Leitz cover glass plates, Leitz special silver binding tape, Leitz BINDOMAT were used to make the video. The only exception, instead of Leitz slide masks, the Kodak masks were used. Note that the reason why all materials - binding tape and masks -were made highly reflective was to prevent heating of the film while in projector with the very powerful incandescent bulb. Anyone who ever made slides has horror story to tell how their best slides were ruined by projector because either slide was projected for too long or projector was missing IR cutoff filter. 

Anyway, given very high quality of all the materials Vlads Test Targets in 2x2 transparency format (known as LB35) are actually made exactly as shown and shipped to the customers. So called butterfly mask with the cutouts helps the scanning camera observe the corners of the targets and facilitate the film holder alignment.


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