APO Rodagon D 2X 4.5/75 mm vs. Sigma 2.8/70 Macro Art - Fight of the Century

If someone would want to compare the full size .png exports from the camera scans taken with Canon EOS R camera and APO Rodagon D 2X 4.5/75 mm and Sigma 2.8/70 Macro Art here is the link  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-2cN8blD7M6xQ9T-bDM5cK9z2toPtTZq?usp=sharing

The film original is "Vlads Test Target" on 35 mm Adox CMS 20 Pro film. 

The pictures in the series were taken at shutter speeds no longer then 1/160 sec at full range of lens apertures. The aperture setting is included in the file name.

The folder QuickCompare contains the same images, but less informative parts of images were cut out so it's easier to compare the files.  

Full scan:

Abbreviated file:

I would suggest to download the files locally and use Lightroom or similar app to review images at 100% - otherwise you will not see the differences.

Let me just note that the scans resolution is limited by the camera sensor, not by the lenses. See my previous post for details:  https://www.facebook.com/VladsTestTarget/posts/572258934923666

If anyone is interested in Image Magic script to remove certain parts of image, here it is:  https://github.com/vsaddr-github/dice_and_splice


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